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Snoop’s 30th anniversary of Doggystyle will be a KiT Album box set

Popular in Korea, Snoop is the first US Hip Hop artist to use a KiT album

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 15 May 2023

When music junkies reminisce about albums, a few of the things they miss from streaming services are the huge swaths of art as well as the liner notes from albums. In Korea over the past few years, KiT albums have been hot sellers for popular albums. This is visually pleasing merchandise that enhances a user's audio and visual experience with the music. Snoop Dogg, always at the cutting edge of technology, will be releasing the 30th anniversary of his debut classic album, Doggystyle, as a KiT album, and he is the first American Hip Hop artist to do this.

With a regular album or CD, fans got pictures, track listings, and more with their purchase. With the advent of streaming, all of these physical products disappeared, and some fans were disappointed. This is where KiT albums stepped in. They became hugely popular in Korea and were audio-digital devices that gave fans access to digital versions of albums, plus videos and other special treats.

After someone purchases a KiT album, they download a KiT app to their phones. The KiT album is then connected by Bluetooth, and people can play the music on their phones with the KiT app. The app will usually have all the videos associated with the artist as well as specialized photo books or other fan-centric things. A lot of times, the KiT albums will have collectible items with the purchase, like access to fan clubs or KiT-only concert footage. For superfans, KiT albums are great items to have.

For Snoop, who recently purchased his old record company, Death Row Records, the KiT album of Doggystyle is introducing music fans to something new. Not only does the KiT album give users of the app a digital turntable to play the music, but also a 20-page comic book is included that relates to the original cover. Liner notes, album credits, coasters that look like records, stickers, and all of Doggystyle’s videos are included.

For a Hip Hop fan who loves Snoop’s debut album, the KiT album is a dream come true.

Check out the video explaining Doggystyle’s KiT album below and a purchase link here.