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REX & LUKE are living it up in ‘UH YEAH’

Being young with a DGAF attitude is where it’s at in 2022

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 4 May 2022

Being young and not having responsibilities is a great thing. REX and LUKE have recently released ‘UH YEAH,’ and it’s an underground anthem for just not giving a f*ck. With distorted drums, fragmented hi-hats, and heavy breathing as part of the beat, ‘UH YEAH’ is a surprise hit not only because of the sound but also because of the video.

The beat, which was produced by REX, is a bare-bones Drill slapper with gruff vocals reminiscent of Desiigner with a dash of yelling. For the video, it’s REX, LUKE, and their crew pulling up behind a building and getting a few dancers to shake their things. The filming is intense as the camera gets up close and personal with the dancers but it fits the tone of the song very well. It’s DIY-style taken to the extreme.

Watching ‘UH YEAH’ reminds me of Juvenile’s 1998 classic, ‘Ha.’ In that video, the gritty realness of New Orleans street life was represented by all the characters shown. In ‘UH YEAH,’ it feels the same way as it's hard to get enough of Rex’s hair dye or LUKE’s belt buckle with Chinese characters on it.

Check out REX and LUKE’s ‘UH YEAH’ below.