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Disney+’s Ms Marvel features Pakistan’s first female rapper Eva B

The series portrays the first Muslim & Pakistani superhero

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 13 Jun 2022


Ms Marvel was just released last week, and buzz is the air for the first Muslim and Pakistani Disney superhero. Critics have praised the show as a cultural landmark as it shows desi culture in its full glory. Eva B, Pakistan’s first female rapper, is featured on the first episode. ‘Rozi’ is an anthem for women’s empowerment with Hip Hop elements from India and Pakistan in it, as well as a cinematic sound.

Eva B, on her Instagram, posted “I am feeling greaaatttt and so lucky that i got a feature on Ms Marvel.”

As with all progress in representation, there are naysayers. On IMDb, Ms Marvel has been subject to a review-bombing campaign. This is where reviewers with small genital regions rate the show a one because it has something other than a straight while male named Chris as the lead. While there are a lot of these reviews, 41 percent of normal reviewers are giving it a 10, and critics are loving it, so Ms Marvel is a bonafide hit, and a great step forward for the Marvel Cinematic universe.