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Erykah Badu to play Potato Head Bali & lead wellness experience on June 1

“Good times, do good”

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Apr 2024

When people say don’t spend money on things, spend it on experiences, they surely were talking about a seven-day wellness retreat at Potato Head Bali starting on June 1 with Erykah Badu headlining. Not only is Erykah Badu one of the most spiritual and entertaining performers on the planet, but attending a Merasa regenerating experience through music and creativity is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Going to a Badu show is like a religious experience for many. She has hits, but her catalog is filled with amazing deep cuts that her followers know word for word. She takes the crowd on a ride from within herself to make sure each and every person has one of the best nights of her life. With the magical stage at Desa Potato Head in Bali that has a pool in front of it and the ocean behind it, this is truly a dream come true for anyone who knows what Baduism is.

While the show is sure to be life-altering, doing a wellness camp with a woman whose name carries so much weight and has a soulful resonance in everything she touches is remarkable beyond belief. As the curator behind Merasa, Badu will lead talks and morning sessions and help people delve deeper into their souls. With a motto of “Good times, do good,” this journey of self-discovery is not to be missed.

Get more info on Erykah Badu’s show and wellness experience at the Potato Head website here.