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Jett from Valorant can’t be slowed down with Mirani & lIlBOI

The video game character gets her own KHop song & video produced by GroovyRoom

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 16 Feb 2022

Valorant is one of the most popular first-person shooter [FPS] games that has come out over the past few years. Riot Games, the company behind it, has been highly praised for their inventive collaborations - creating a virtual Kpop group, as well as virtual death metal and Hip Hop groups with League Of Legends characters. Now they are expanding their roster of virtual artists by recruiting Mirani, lIlBOI, and GroovyRoom for Jett’s Techno Rap track, ‘Can’t Slow Me Down.’

Jett is a South Korean agent who is known for her speed, mobility, and assassinations. She’s so quick that she can throw knives at someone’s head and then be there taking a selfie when they actually go through the skull. ‘Can’t Slow Me Down’ starts with Mirani leading the way with an invigorating verse. lIlBOI brings it up a notch in the second verse, riding along with his fun, snappy bars while inserting his trademark bad boy vibe. GroovyRoom, the DJ duo who are the masterminds behind the beats, really gets into the 90’s Euro Rap cheesiness that is popular in dance clubs around the world with the production, but ‘Can’t Slow Me Down’ has a very modern feel.

The music fits perfectly with Jett’s character swiftly gliding across a neon-lit futuristic city that mirrors the expansive nocturnal landscape of Seoul. The video also showcases some of the actual gameplay, which blends in seamlessly with the animation. ‘Can’t Slow Me Down’ is all part of Jett’s social media takeover campaign that Riot Games uses to promote Valorant and increase engagement within the community.

Check out Mirani, lIlBOI, and GroovyRoom’s ‘Can’t Slow Me Down’ below.