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Jay Park, NINGNING, pH-1, Lexie Liu, ØZI & Masiwei come together for mega ‘妳在哪裡 [WYA]’ remix

The original track was released in July through Jay Park’s More Vision label

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 22 Aug 2023

On July 30, Jay Park and aespa’s NINGNING dropped a collaborative track ‘妳在哪裡 [WYA].’ Jay Park spits his rhymes in Mandarin and English on it, while NINGNING sang on the track’s second half. It’s a heart-tugging Hip Pop take from the duo, and it’s been doing its rounds ever since it came out.

To take it to the next level, the duo dropped a remix version of it two weeks later. This time, it featured additional verses from a stellar cast of pH-1, Lexie Liu, ØZI, and Masiwei. pH-1 jumps straight after Jay Park’s verse, and throws it down in that distinct-smooth fashion we all know and love him for. The baton is then passed to Lexie Liu, who absolutely charms it with her sultry voice.

The two MCs to wrap it all up are ØZI and Masiwei, who took it all home with two brilliant verses on the second half of the track. Masiwei, however, completely steals the spotlight with a masterful delivery of his bars, coupled with a switching up of flows. This is some of East Asia’s finest when it comes to the biggest stars in the region, and they killed it with this brilliant collaboration.

Check out the remix of ‘妳在哪裡 [WYA]’ below.