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The party zombies are out for fun in Jackson Wang’s ‘Blow’

The song is the first single off his rumored English-only album Magic Man

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 Apr 2022

What do you do when you have a giant pile of party zombies passed out wearing distressed Victorian-era outfits in your living room? If you are Jackson Wang, formerly of KPop heartthrobs Got7, recently of Panthepack, and soon to be releasing an all-English album entitled Magic Man, then you put on your new song and make them work. ‘Blow’ is Jackson’s ode to Maroon 5 mixed with a little bit of White Stripes and a Hip Hop attitude, and shows why Jackson is the next performer on a global scale about to pop.

Jackson is one of the party zombies piled in the living room. When the video starts, they are half dead, but as soon as the guitar riff comes on, Jackson is up with his chorus, “It tastes like cigarettes/I hit it every chance I get/Girl you got me dripping sweat/You pull me back every time I quit.” He goes on and the party zombies are getting fired up by snapping, dancing, and looking a bit more alive.

With his Jack Frost tips and his look from the latter half of the 1800s, Jackson is the best-looking party zombie in history. While the dancers are getting more and more energy, they are also blowing smoke into each others’ faces. The pinnacle of the video comes about halfway through as all the zombies are up and they all exhale smoke at once. For sure, this scene will be recreated during his concerts for the next decade or two.

The special thing about Jackson is that he has a flair for the dramatic. He knows what looks good in his groups, his videos, and his designs for Team Wang. He’s got his fingers in a lot of pies and has set himself up to be the next global superstar. The year 2022 will be huge with the release of ‘Blow’ and his album Magic Man.

Watch Jackson Wang’s ‘Blow’ below.