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IO, Jin Dogg & MELRAW get introspective when it’s ‘6 In Da Morning’

Taken from IO’s latest album drop, four

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 30 Nov 2023

Beyond his works with the 16-piece Hip Hop group KANDYTOWN, the Japanese MC IO has been hitting with his solo work as well. His first drop came in 2017, a 12-track album titled Soul Long. IO has since gone on to release three more, with the most recent one, entitled four, coming on November 24 of this year.

The album is not shy of features, with MCs such as Watson, Yo-Sea, Kohjiya, Mud, $MOKE OG, and Jin Dogg lending their verses to it. One of the album’s standout tracks is closer, ‘6 In Da Morning.’ Its title pays homage to Ice T’s ‘6 'N The Mornin,' however, the track’s mood completely deviates from the original’s funky groove.

Instead, it’s a broody and introspective take. IO and Jin Dogg evenly split their verses on this track, with IO taking on hook duties. The track beautifully culminates in a saxophone solo played by MELRAW, which wraps up the album’s journey spectacularly.

Check out the music video for IO, Jin Dogg, and MELRAW’s ‘6 In Da Morning’ below.