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Pyra throws both middle fingers up at her forced migration on ‘cut my tongue’

The dystopian Pop warrior is taking listeners on a journey to PYRADISE

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Mar 2023

When Pyra was posting some TikTok clips that didn’t show Thailand’s military government in a very positive light, threats were leveled her way, and the dystopian Pop warrior was forced to migrate to London. In an exclusive LiFTED interview, she said, “I'm not in political exile [yet] in a universal sense, but politics is definitely a huge factor in why I choose to relocate. According to a new Thai Law, I could be charged for the things I say online but thus far I haven't. However, we're getting censored more and more each day.”

Her reply to these political shenanigans? She raises both middle fingers sky-high and shows her [metaphorical] ass to kiss to her blacklisters on ‘cut my tongue,’ a high-energy dose of Hyper Pop mixed with metal guitars and urgent lyrics like, “If they want to shut me up they’ll have to cut my tongue out!”

Pyra is building up steam to release an album called PYRADISE, which also includes an offline, online, and metaverse reality where her fans, called Pyrates, can play games to win music and prizes. “PYRADISE is a dystopian island set in 2084 where creating and consuming music and art is prohibited since it has been the opposing force to establishments throughout history. In PYRADISE, knowledge is misery and ignorance is bliss. It's easier to rule over cattle than humans. That's why they're trying dumb down humans into cattle.”

She continues, “Every month or two, there'll be a purge to rid the whole island of art and music. However, just like how you train dogs in conditional formatting, Pyrates can win the rights to restore one piece of music. This is how the leader shows mercy to his cattle-like citizens.”

While ‘cut my tongue’ and PYRADISE are cynical and twisted, there is an inkling of good news. Pyra has her own label, XYREN, as well as the happiness that comes with owning her masters, controlling her own fate, and being a “one-woman show with a great team of close friends and believers supporting my path.”

Check out Pyra’s lyric video for ‘cut my tongue’ below.