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Illest Morena has the ‘Munchies’ for 420

One of The Philippines' flyest

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 23 Apr 2024

Illest Morena is one of the flyest female MCs from The Philippines, and although her rap career is still relatively young, she’s already racked up a great listenership alongside a decent catalog of singles under her belt.

One recurrent theme that stays consistent throughout her releases is weed. She’s released tracks entitled ‘Indigo Haze’, ‘Faded (Raw)’, and ‘Slow Burn’. So, of course, on April 20, one would expect another drop from her as well – and she delivered. To commemorate the unofficial stoner-friendly holiday, Illest Morena released ‘Munchies’.

The track’s instrumental has a smoky-out and dreamy touch, which Illest Morena compliments with a relaxed and sensual delivery in Tagalog and English. It’s the sort of track that could be put on to soothe all the restlessness at night and allow one to eventually drift off to sleep.

Check out the video for Illest Morena’s ‘Munchies’ below.