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Half of the Higher Brothers release China’s first music & video NFT

Chengdu rapper Ty is also featured on ‘Phuket’

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 13 Sep 2021

When Psy.P of the Higher Brothers went on vacation in 2019 to Thailand, he loved the palm trees, clear water, beautiful beaches, and friendly people. Little did he know that soon the world would be turned upside down by a pandemic and travel would be limited in most places around the world.

Two years later, Psy.P is joined by KnowKnow and Chendu rapper Ty in the release of the video made by award-winning visual artist Aslan Malik for ‘Phuket,’ an ode to his time in the sun. The surprise is that the video is not going to be out for mass consumption on the normal channels. Instead, only 3,000 minted copies of five different versions of the video in NFT form will be released to people willing to shell out US$99 each.

Is this crazy? Isn’t getting views, likes, shares, and listens by the most people possible what the music industry is all about? It was, but now times are changing. The NFT market is quickly becoming a part of the musical environment and many artists have made a pretty penny selling their work.

Psy.P has been at the forefront of Chinese Hip Hop for more than a decade with the Higher Brothers, so he’s perfectly positioned to release China’s first music video NFT. He’s hoping that his groundbreaking idea ends up helping Indie musicians. “I’m a blockchain enthusiast, this is my first experiment on NFTs with my friends, and I hope NFTs will be a part of the future in the music industry and could bring more opportunities to independent music talents,” said Psy.P to Radiichina.

Will Psy.P’s experiment shoot to the moon? Only time will tell if his Chinese fans are ready to put up some money for exclusive content that they will own.

Bid on Psy.P, KnowKnow, and Ty’s ‘Phuket’ here, and watch a short clip below.