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LiFTED NFT [006] 2 Al Rocco covers are available today

The cover & the animated 3D version can be purchased with ETH

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 1 Sep 2021

Al Rocco has distinguished himself from other rappers in many ways - he’s enigmatic, well-spoken, and can turn a party out at the drop of a beat.

Now you can own a small piece of Al Rocco by purchasing an NFT from LiFTED. We’ve put all of our covers like Bohan, Mrs M, Prabh Deep, and Yung Raja up at OpenSea, and if you have a bit of ETH to blow, why not get on the LiFTED NFT train?

Since Al Rocco is so special, we’ve got two NFTs for him - one as the stand-alone cover, and the other as an animated 3D graphic. This artwork is limited to one copy each.

Each NFT is created and owned exclusively by LiFTED and b2 Holdings Ltd in Hong Kong.

Check out the Al Rocco NFTs here and here.