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Wonderful Entertainment's Heineken Silver City Music Festival started Taipei's summer with a bang

The heat was turned way up for a festival full of home-grown artists

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 22 Jun 2022

Heineken celebrated the Anniversary of their Silver beer with the Silver City Music Festival held at Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, Taiwan with 12 groups of artists including Hip Hop and R&B artists Karencici, Asiaboy & Lizi, SOWUT, SHOU, and Soft Lipa, paired with five DJs for a sizzling lineup, meshing Electronic and Hip Hop music together to turn up the heat for early summer.

The ladies kicked major ass on the stage with their girl power. As the youngest to be nominated for a Golden Melody Award for Best Female Mandarin Singer, Karencici performed many of her hits, as well as the latest single ‘Kiss Me’ on stage for the first time. Chinese/Australian R&B singer Julia Wu performed the song ‘買榜’ [My Bong], whicht was written by Taiwanese Rapper Kumachan. The six-girl group, HUR, founded in 2020, also did a great job of choreography with rapping by the main MC, C.Holly.

Marz23 came out and left his mark by performing a Pop song, ‘Not A Rapper,’ making it clear that he is different, as well as sad and sorry that he is not the cup of tea for the girl who loves only Hip Hop boys. This was an interesting contrast to the Hip Hop artists performing on the same stage that night, and a lot of people knew the lyrics and sang along.

Rap duo Asiaboy & Lizi performed more Trap and Electronic songs, including ‘FIRE’, and turned the party up. A member of the audience filmed the duo performing and caught Lizi pointing his finger at him calling him a name.

Singer/rapper SHOU performed more R&B melodic and Chill Out tunes, including the popular song ‘Colorful,’ and all his fans and audience sang the chorus out loud with him. He also sang ‘Never Land,’ which has a bit more swag.

The big winner at last year’s Golden Melody Awards, Soft Lipa, was invited to do the finale and brought a great ending to the festival. Before the performance, he said “This is a happy party occasion, so I will bring songs that I feel are very smooth. I hope everyone will feel slightly tipsy listening to my music.” He invited Taiwan Red Bull 3Style Champion DJ Afro and flutist Jenni Tsai to perform on stage with him, and have the audience sing to his songs. Soft Lipa absolutely nailed being the final act at the impressive Heineken Silver City Music Festival.