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DJ Ryow drops a cinematic track with guca owl, LANA & ¥ellow Bucks on ‘Ready To Fight’

Taken off the veteran Japanese DJ’s 15-track album DRIVE MY DREAMS

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 2 Apr 2024

DJ Ryow has been in and around Japan’s Hip Hop scene for years. When he’s not producing for some of the biggest names such as AK-69, he’s behind the decks, setting the mood right for MCs to go HAM or just simply tearing up dancefloors for punters.

With numerous years and brilliant releases under his belt, it’s safe to say that he’s a seasoned vet. Despite that, he’s still going hard with his releases. On March 27, he dropped a 13-track album titled DRIVE MY DREAMS, marking the fifth album he’s released since 2019.

This album boasts brilliant features all around, ranging from heavyweights like Jin Dogg to C.O.S.A. One of its standout tracks is the cinematic ‘Ready To Fight’, which features guca owl, LANA, and ¥ellow Bucks. It sounds like it could fit perfectly into a sports movie, riling up a protagonist right before their big match. guca owl and ¥ellow Bucks go hard on it, spraying their bars just like the track’s name suggests as if they’re ready for a big brawl. LANA takes on hook duties, adding some needed feminine energy to the song.

Check out DJ Ryow’s video for ‘Ready To Fight’ and the album DRIVE MY DREAMS below.