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Young Coco & Jin Dogg tear up Yuki Chiba’s ‘Team Tomodachi’ with a fiery remix

The Japanese MCs go crazy on this one

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 21 Mar 2024

In February, the Japanese MC Yuki Chiba returned from a self-imposed indefinite hiatus from releasing music with ‘Team Tomodachi,’ and the entire Asian Hip Hop world went mad. The iconic MC, formerly known as Kohh, had the entire regional and international audience in a chokehold at one point, and then poof, just like his meteoric rise, he disappeared from the music scene almost instantaneously.

However, he’s back now, and it seems like he’ll be here for good. What better way to push a successful comeback single, if not by releasing a remix with some of the best MCs in the country? That’s exactly what Yuki Chiba did. On March 11, he released a remix of ‘Team Tomodachi’ which features two guest verses from Young Coco and none other than Jin Dogg.

Yuki Chiba only spits the hook from the OG, giving all the space for Young Coco and Jin Dogg to shine. Young Coco steps up first, dialing back the track’s fiery energy with an off-kilter flow. It takes a whole lot of skill to spit your bars in an off-beat manner, and Young Coco rocks his verse.

Jin Dogg absolutely demolishes the beat with a verse only a seasoned veteran could produce. If there was a sonic representation of what a grand slam sounds like, it would be Jin Dogg’s verse on this remix, with Yuki Chiba, Young Coco, and its producer, Koshy, occupying all three bases right before the ball is hit out of the park. It’s controlled and relaxed yet assertive and infectious.

A music video also accompanied the track’s release, which was filmed on the same street that was featured in the track’s original music video. The three MCs go crazy in it, and one could imagine the club doing the exact same the moment this track comes on. We’re only three months into 2024, and we might already have the remix of the year to the song of the year.

Check out the video for Young Coco and Jin Dogg’s remix of Yuki Chiba’s ‘Team Tomodachi’ below.