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Jin Dogg soundtracks 2024 beatdowns with ‘OMG’

The Japanese MC has a knack for making songs bursting with energy

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Jan 2024

Songs like ‘Ante Up’ are well known to cause trouble in the club, but there are some Trap heaters that do the same. Lil Jon made his name by making fight music like ‘Bia Bia,’ ‘Put Yo Hood Up,’ and being featured on ‘Damn’ by the Youngbloodz, ‘Neva Eva’ by Trillville and Lil Scrappy’s ‘Head Bussa.’ Other southern songs that require a lot of security guards to be aware are Three 6 Mafia’s ‘Tear Da Club Up,’ Bonecrusher’s ‘Neva Scared,’ and Crime Mob’s ‘Knuck if You Buck.’

Nearly a year ago, Jin Dogg released ‘MVP,’ which sounded like fighting in the club music. Two weeks ago, he released ‘OMG,’ a track that will be the soundtrack to beatdowns for all of 2024. Jin Dogg’s specialties are ski masks, middle fingers, and beat-your-ass-in-a-club anthems. ‘OMG’ follows this formula to a tee and people better look out. Produced by Homunculu$ & Mvdmvry, who add a bit of modern Drill sound to the wall of sound, ‘OMG’ is sure to induce insane amounts of crowd surfing at any Jin Dogg One Man Live shows.

As hype as the song is, the video is complete chaos. Jin Dogg and his crew bring an energy to an outdoor area at dusk that shows what happens if someone gets in the way.

Check out Jin Dogg’s ‘OMG’ below.