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Yuki Chiba returns to take back his crown with ‘Team Tomodachi’

The MC formerly known as KOHH is back like he never left

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 21 Feb 2024

KOHH was one of the biggest names in Japanese Hip Hop in the 2010s. He went as far as playing festivals around the Asian region and beyond, as well as collaborating with the biggest names in the business like Frank Ocean. He was even featured in the Japanese digital version of Mariah Carey’s 2018 album Caution.

At the end of 2021, he retired the moniker KOHH and is now going by his real name, Yuki Chiba. The world was then starved of his raspy voice and hard-hitting rhymes, as he took the backseat when it came to releasing music, focusing his energies on other creative ventures.

However, on February 12, he released a brand new single, ‘Team Tomodachi,’ an absolute heater of a track. Just as he abruptly took a hiatus, Yuki’s return feels like he never left.

Everything that was loved of him as an MC is still intact in the brand-new single – his effortless delivery, relaxed swagger, and all of his magnetic charm. Yuki has nothing to prove, and neither does he need to come up with something new to remind listeners of his stature. The king is back, just with a different name.

Check out the video for Yuki Chiba’s ‘Team Tomodachi’ below.