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Bohan Phoenix finds the humanity in people in ‘But I Still Love You’

In trying times, it’s hard not to let hate get the best of you

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 14 May 2021

Nearly every day, there seems to be a news report or a video on TikTok of an Asian person being beaten up on the street for no reason. Bohan Phoenix takes this to heart on his new single, “But I Still Love You.’

As he raps at the beginning of the song, Bohan feels like his mama is in danger walking the streets home from work. He wants her to look over her shoulder and even call him each time she leaves her job. Bohan goes even deeper imagining how he would feel if someone stomped his mother out, and how he would smile while being arrested for the damage he would do to the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

But Bohan Phoenix is Bohan Phoenix and doesn’t let the hate get him. Instead, he preaches love. Love to his fellow men and women who don’t necessarily look like him. For the hook, Bohan raps, “I know I look nothing like you, but I hope that you still love me, I do.”

In the video, a big crew of Asian, Black, and Brown people gather in a park to show unity. It really doesn’t matter what color you, as this senseless violence affects anyone and everyone.

The low-key production with a nice soul sample by Kashaka Beats and 1Mind Music is perfect for the track because it keeps the focus on the cause, which is getting people to believe in the humanity of others and stop Asian hate.

All proceeds of ‘Because I Love You’ will be donated to Hate is a Virus.

Watch Bohan Phoenix’s ‘Because I Love You’ below.