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Flow G finally gets his solo slot on the Wish Bus

The Filipino MC gets down with ‘Praning’

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 25 Mei 2022


Flow G has been on the 107.5 Wish Bus so many times that he might have his own room and bed on the bottom floor. Finally, he gets his own slot and shows out by performing his latest single ‘Praning.’

Gloc-9 was the first one to invite Flow G to perform on the Wish Bus in 2020 as they did their hit ‘Halik,’ which goes into testing someone’s love if they didn’t have the riches. People seemed to like it as it has 92 million views and counting.

Then, Flow G joined MC Einstein, Yuri Dope, and Jekkpot for ‘Titig,’ a ditty about a secret crush. Again, this crushed the competition with 56 million views.

In 2022, the Wish Bus wanted Flow G, so he’s been on it four times. In January with Abaddon doing ‘Pare,’ and in March twice - once with JRoa on ‘Hangga't Maaari’ and once with Nik Makino doing ‘Moon.’

Needless to say, Flow G has paid his dues to get his solo slot. On his sixth [!!!] time on the Wish Bus, Flow G shows why they keep asking him to come back every time. He’s got a really relaxed lyrical style, and his skills shine in the bright lights of the Wish Bush.

Check out Flow G’s ‘Praning’ on the 107.5’s Wish Bus below.