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Flow G incinerates ‘G Wolf’

The Filipino rapper starts the blaze, & he’s the only one that can put it out

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 1 Sep 2021

Flow G is on a rampage in 2021. The last time we saw him, the young rapper was unleashing his hot flows on the 44 Gloc-9 Challenge, which gained over 2.3 million views on YouTube. Following this achievement, Flow G released a new single, ‘G Wolf,’ proving once again that he is a beast on the microphone.

The hauntingly beautiful Trap beat goes forward and backward before the ominous violins kick in. Flow G starts rapping and never really stops. His boastful verses sound like a victory howl during a long battle when you know Flow G is going to be the last one standing.

The music video directed by Titus Gee for ‘G Wolf’ has amassed over five million views in two weeks to no one’s surprise. Fire is the theme here as his clothes and jackets all have flames on them. His flow is so hot that he raps in front of a house that has caught fire, and then he’s part of the fire fighter squad that stops the flames from burning down the whole neighborhood.

Fans have begun speculating that Flow G will release songs as his alter ego G Wolf since that is his name spelled backward. There is no confirmation yet but as long as he is still releasing scorching tracks, we’ll be here to listen.

Watch Flow G’s ‘G Wolf’ music video below.