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The LiFTED 50 Number 3: YOUNGOHM

The hottest MC in the hottest country for Asian Hip Hop

LiFTED | LiFTED StAFF | 28 Jun 2023

The LiFTED 50 list

The LiFTED 50 Number 1 DIVINE

The LiFTED 50 Number 2 Jay Park

The hot-and-sweaty and nearly riotous Thai streets are screaming, and they want YOUNGOHM at the top of this list. In Thailand for the Rolling Loud concert week, the team from LiFTED did informal surveys of random Thai people from Grab drivers to waitresses to club kids to aspiring MCs on street corners. When asked who their favorite Thai rappers were, the overwhelming response was YOUNGOHM. Not only that, but a day didn’t go by where his hyperkinetic single, ‘THATTHONG SOUND’ from the album of the same name, was heard in every bar, restaurant, Tuk-Tuk, or club. Needless to say, YOUNGOHM has the streets of the hottest country for Asian Hip Hop on lock.

YOUNGOHM appeals to Thai people because he climbed his way up from the streets. As the linchpin of the ALREADY DEADD EMPIRE with fire MCs like FIIXED, 1MILL, Gavin D, DIAMOND MQT, and Younggu, YOUNGOHM has shown the pathway to superstardom and is paving it for others to come.