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The LiFTED 50 Number 8: Gloc-9

All roads in Filipino Hip Hop go through Gloc-9

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 23 Jun 2022


When people think of Filipino Hip Hop, the first thought in their mind is Gloc to the dash to the nine. For the past 25 years, Gloc-9 has been living and breathing Filipino Hip Hop. He’s not only an OG who is thought of by many as the Philippines’ best rapper but he was called by fellow rapper Francis Magalona “a blacksmith of words and letters and a true Filipino poet.” Forget bling-bling. Instead, Gloc-9 prefers to focus on social justice, patriotism, and eradicating poverty.


What’s the key to Gloc-9’s longevity?

He is a machine when it comes to putting out releases. In 25 years, he put out four albums with his first group, Death Threat, as well as three EPs, a live album, and nine full albums as a solo artist! That’s putting in a lot of work in the recording studio. And we haven’t even gotten into the loosies he puts out or the collabs he releases with other artists.

Gloc-9 stays busy.

The Filipino Rap god’s legacy is that every album he has put out has won awards. We’re not sure, but we believe that Gloc-9 needs a new room in his house just for awards because he has over 50 that he’s won over the past quarter of a century.

That’s not all.

He’s got an eye for talent and has helped push Flow G and Shanti Dope’s careers into the stratosphere. When anyone thinks of Filipino Hip Hop, all roads go through the man, the myth, the legend - Gloc-9.