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Zara jacks Gangstarr logo & will face moment of truth

DJ Premier is taking this personal

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 2 May 2022

In a recent video uploaded to DJ Premier’s Instagram account, a person films the rack at Zara, one of the leading clothing retailers in the world, and shows a jacket with the words “Never Break” printed on it. The print is an easily recognizable bootleg copy of Gangstarr’s revered logo, and DJ Premier is taking this personal. Under the video, Primo writes, “REALLY? @zara”

A lot of times, these big brands think they are above the clouds and can get away with things like this. If Zara had done their work, they would know that their moment of truth is coming. Making a recognizable logo in the Hip Hop industry is hard to earn, especially when there are amazing, timeless ones like Run DMC’s, Wu-Tang’s, and Public Enemy’s logos.

Below DJ Premier’s post reads like a who’s who in Hip Hop royalty with comments ranging from “Get the BAG!” [DJ Spinna] to “Blatant lawsuit right there.” [Goldie] to “I can’t stand biters!” [DJ Cash Money].

While these disposable fashion brands hire hundreds of designers each year to make designs, they should at least hire some people to work for them to check what designs come through. That way, they won’t be called out by one of the best DJs and producers in the world for everyone to see.