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ENVY* drops ‘MR MARIPOSA’ with psychedelic rock band Kinder Bloomen

The 6 MC crew loves switching up their sounds

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 25 Jan 2023

Hailing from South Jakarta, ENVY* [short for Expect Nothing, Valid Yesterday*], is a six-rapper collective comprising of Anima, Isaiah, Fat B, Hazy Dael, Quest, and Kid Quest. They’re an eclectic bunch and are always switching things up when it comes to the sound they put out. In 2022, they released an EP titled NO AMBITION and two singles, ‘KAWASAKI’ and ‘MONEY2BIG [SHAKIRA].’

To kick off their 2023, the Indonesian Rap collective dropped their first single of the year, ‘MR. MARIPOSA’. The genre-bending single features Kinder Bloomen, an Indonesian jazz-psychedelic rock band – adding a whole new flavor and more layers to their already eclectic sound.

The single came out on January 20, along with an accompanying cinematic music video. Fat B gets the ball rolling with the honors of the track’s first verse, backed by a beat reminiscent of the 1990s Hip Hop Golden Age. The mic is then passed over to Quest after a dramatic beat switch, opting for a more uptempo and 808-heavy sound. It culminates in a third verse by Isiah, this time, with a suave and jazzy beat.

On Instagram, the rap collective playfully wrote on a post about the new single: “Were there too many beat switches? When the album arrives, there will be a track with 48 beat switches on it.”

Check out ENVY*’s ‘MR MARIPOSA’ below.