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Believe launches Japanese Hip Hop imprint PlayCode

¥ellow Bucks, Red Eye & Issei Uno Fifth will be first to drop

LiFTED | Sean D | 18 Feb 2024

Over the past decade, French independent music company Believe has been making massive inroads into the Asian Hip Hop scene, signing and distributing many of the artists now leading the way across the region. Previously, they launched the bYOND imprint in Thailand and now they have announced the launch of PlayCode in Japan.

Certainly, Japan is one of the frothiest Hip Hop markets in Asia right now, and PlayCode will come out swinging with new music from top emerging stars ¥ellow Bucks, Red Eye, and Issei Uno Fifth. With one of the best rosters already in their Asia regional Hip Hop division, Believe looks ready to make serious inroads into the often opaque Japanese scene.

One reason LiFTED can see why this makes sense is the outward-looking nature of Japanese Hip Hop, with big international collaborations opening up the scene to wider audiences. ¥ellow Bucks is already a major Rap star in Japan who has collaborated with artists like Taiwan’s OZI among others. Launching PlayCode is a strong move to the hoop for Believe, and we expect big things.

Check out PlayCode below.