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Kenzy does a Taiwanese temple ‘Turn Up’

The Drill banger is from Kenzy’s first solo album Big Husband

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Jan 2024

When people visit temples for the first time for a celebration, the first thing they notice is how noisy it can be. Firecrackers are let off all the time. Cymbals are clapped continuously. People are playing Suonas, which are horn instruments that have unique tones and are used especially for national celebrations or funerals. In Kenzy’s temple banger in Taiwanese, ‘Turn Up,’ producer Tipsy throws in some Suonas, cymbals, and even a bit of chanting to give the Drill track some extra temple darkness.

Kenzy has been a beast on every track he’s been on his whole life and on January 5, released his first solo album, Big Husband. With 11 brooding songs, Kenzy raps about his Taiwan where he has no hesitation for life, kicks it with his brothers, and is fearless. For ‘Turn Up,’ he said, “The words "turn up" are often used in foreign Hip Hop songs. I really wanted to find the most popular word to convey the same concept. Finally, I thought of the "晃落" [translated to ‘Shake off’ or ‘boogie’] that everyone shouted together at the temple.”

In the video for ‘Turn Up,’ there are nearly 100 extras inside an empty factory to give it that grimy feeling. To welcome the new year, there is also a big firework shoot at the end. One of LiFTED’s Launch Party dancers, Angela, gets down in the video, showcasing her amazing dancing skills.

Check out the video for ‘Turn Up’ from Kenzy and his whole Big Husband album below.