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Wilai risks it all in ‘UGH!’

The Thai rapper even drops a live performance on the streets

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 12 Feb 2024

Wilai’s ‘UGH’ has been out for a few weeks now and the streets are feeling it hard. That is because she is not only dropping bi-lingual flows over a dope beat with some wicked DJ scratches by Mr. Wonder, but she wasn’t afraid to let it all hang out when she was filming the video. Rapping out the window always looks fresh, but when doing it in cars that are drifting is a whole new level because they are going so fast.

For added promotion of ‘UGH!’, Wilai grabs the mic and blasts her verse live in Times Square with a crop top and a hoodie on. The Thai-raised New York City-based MC balances the fine line of sex appeal with lyrics that can drive a dagger into your heart if you mess with her.

Wilai is finishing up her album TINGLISH, and if it’s anything like ‘UGH!’, it’s going to be warming up the streets all spring when it drops.

Check out Wilai’s ‘UGH!’ below.