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Young Galib ponders his existence on ‘Aaina’

The Indian MC is in his reflective bag on this one

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 18 Sep 2023

As one of the torchbearers of the Indian hip-hop scene, Young Galib has a lot riding on his shoulders with every release. Since his high-profile beef with rapper fellow Desi rapper Karma earlier this year, Galib commands the attention of the country’s Rap fans by showing them the extent of his versatility. From Drill bangers such as ‘JHOPADPATTI’ to the fiery Trap diss track ‘Kulfa-Kar-ma,’ he brings something new to the table every time.

Galib’s latest single ‘Aaina’ shows yet another side to the young MC. By turning down the energy and hopping into his reflective bag, Young Galib ponders the mistakes he’s made in life and the role God has played in his decisions. His rapping is stellar as ever on the track with intricate rhymes paired with deep lyricism that fans have come to love. We also hear Galib sing – a heartbreaking performance on the chorus as he croons his heart out over PENDO46’s melancholic production.

The single also came with a music video – a black and white clip of Young Galib rapping in front of an endless ocean, perhaps a reflection of the serenity he feels on the track.

Check out the music video for Young Galib’s ‘Aaina’ below.