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Sara Fajira is here to spill the ‘Tea & Beans’

The Surabaya-based artist slays rumors with her latest single

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 6 Sep 2021

After her acclaimed work with Weird Genius and Yellow Claw, Indonesia’s Sara Fajira is ready to flip the script with the new single ‘Tea & Beans.’

‘Tea & Beans’ is Sara Fajira’s comeback to the rumors and false accusations she’s faced since she started making a name for herself in the music game. The slow-burning Trap beat produced by Fabio Farisco is cinematic, and infused with ethereal Asian elements like flute and chimes. Sara’s rhyme is equally coy and esoteric, since it is about rumors afterall. She gives her haters a firm ‘no’ regarding rumors that she’s difficult and suffering from star syndrome. Channeling her inner-boss, she raps ‘Carry On! Imma put my swag on.’

‘Tea & Beans’ comes with a delicately filmed music video that’s heavily influenced by Japanese aesthetics. Sara and her girl gang flex slow dance moves in front of a devil-red backdrop while a Japanese samurai creates swordplay choreography. Taking off her helmet we find it’s Sara slaying the rumor mongers, their blood still dripping on her sword. Known for fusing Javanese, Japanese, and Arabian culture in her work, this music video is proof she can juggle these elements while letting her personality shine.

Watch Sara Fajira’s ‘Tea & Beans’ music video below.