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Drill anthem ‘Whoopty’ gets an all-Asian remix with Dough-Boy, Big Spoon & Young Hysan

CJ’s massive 2020 hit shows no signs of slowing down

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 29 Mar 2021

There are just some unforgettable beats. CJ’s ‘Whoopty,’ which was one of 2020’s biggest hits on the rap charts and in the streets, is about as big of an ear worm as you can get, so it was only right that three talented Hong Kong rappers got on the beat to give it a full-flavored Asian remix.

First up is Big Spoon, who keeps the spirit of the original ‘Whoopty’ by rapping about all the ‘hot shit’ with his deep voice. “As I'm inspired by so many different things, I make multicultural references in my verse including French composer Claude Debussy, Japanese mountain Fuji, Filipino boxer-politician Manny Pacquiao, and local Kowloon legend Bruce Lee,” said Big Spoon in a press release.

Rapping in the middle is Young Hysan, who has a lot of buzz around him right now because of his original flow and the way he freaks his words. “It’s all about the energy of transcending whatever hardship life throws at you; whether through family and determination, or just laughing about the absurdity of our circumstances. My ‘Whoopty’ verse is about the spirit of having fun and staying above it in spite of everything,” Young Hysan said. ”I want to get people to go crazy and make the best of the time we have.”

Dough-Boy, hot off the heels of his fantastic video with Ginjin, finishes out the remix. On it, he gives listeners a taste of what’s going on at this specific time in his life right now. “My verse was very spontaneous, like most of my other verses. There’s no specific conscious thought or filter in my writing,” Dough-Boy said. “This particular verse, I mentioned recent happenings around me like dabbling into cryptocurrency investments and seeing snakes in disguise.”

With the ‘Whoopty’ drill anthem still sounding fresh a year after it’s release, expect to hear this Asian remix with Big Spoon, Young Hysan, and Dough-Boy all over the place very soon.

Watch the ‘Whoopty’ remix below.