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Warner Music’s Asiatic Records aims for Asia and beyond

The unapologetic RAMENGVRL is their first flagship artist

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 20 Oct 2021

Over the years, Warner Music has launched country-specific labels to help artists blow up in their homelands. On October 20, Warner Music changed the game by launching an imprint, Asiatic Records, with the explicit mission of developing Asia’s best Hip Hop artists into cross-Asian and worldwide superstars.

The label is offering marketing and promotion for top-tier MCs who want to expand their fan bases from their home countries to all over Asia and beyond. Asiatic Records looks to be home to up-and-coming talent, the label is leaning heavily into supporting female artists. Why? Because Hip Hop needs more ladies to balance out the scales.

Their first artist is the incomparable RAMENGVRL, who has just released two singles, ‘‘I’m Ugly’ and ‘Ain’t No MF Like Me [feat. pH-1],’ on Asiatic Records. RAMENGVRL is the perfect person to launch the label because she has treaded the line very carefully in her conservative home country of Indonesia and is poised to break out all over the world.

In a press release, RAMENGVRL said, “I’m very excited to join Asiatic Records and the Warner Music family. Making it in Indonesia with music that defies conservative views is one crazy accomplishment. Now with Warner Music’s support, I’m ready to make my mark across the rest of Asia, and beyond. I’m so glad that the team at Asiatic Records is fully in line with this vision and my unapologetic f-what you think style. They have built an amazing team to support me and I can’t wait for the world to hear more of the songs we’re working on!”