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Rap Against Dictatorship knows that 2 plus 2 doesn’t equal 5 in ‘Big Brother’

The 10-strong Hip Hop crew is reminding contemporary society to think for themselves

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Mar 2023

In 1949, George Orwell released 1984, a novel about a dystopian future where Big Brother had cameras and eyes on everyone. It’s 2023, and Rap Against Dictatorship just released a single, ‘Big Brother,’ which has many similarities to 1984 including the chant on the chorus, “Big Brother is watching you.”

In all the commotion about Thailand legalizing marijuana after the pandemic and becoming the Asian Hip Hop capital with Rolling Loud on deck, it's easy to forget that the military has run the government for nearly 10 years after a coup, the country’s 12th since 1932. Tourists who go to have fun on the beaches and streets of Thailand don’t want to think about how the military is checking on anyone who is speaking out against them.

Luckily, rappers EP$ON, Numba9, G-Bear, Protozua, Dif Kids, Liberate P, HOCKHACKER, 3Bone, and K.AGLET, who together are Rap Against Dictatorship, think about it a lot. This time, they brought a guest along for the first time - P6ICK. All 10 MCs spit about living in the shadow of Big Brother and what effects that has on their mental states.

Rap Against Dictatorship wants you to read

In the final pages of 1984, the protagonist ends up being reprogrammed to believe whatever Big Brother says including that two plus two can actually equal five. Rap Against Dictatorship stands up 10-strong to make sure that contemporary society is reminded that Big Brother is watching and we have to think for ourselves.

Check out Rap Against Dictatorship’s ‘Big Brother’ below.