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FORCEPARKBOIS drop ‘SHEESSH FLOW’ on Warner Music Malaysia

The Malaysian rap collective gets in on the SHEESSH phenomenon

LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 19 Oct 2021

Malaysian Rap collective FORCEPARKBOIS has dropped their major-label debut ‘SHEESSH FLOW’ via Warner Music Malaysia. The title of the track refers to the viral TikTok slang trend, which like most things on TikTok doesn’t make a lot of sense. But the FORCEPARKBOIS flex their own ‘SHEESSH FLOW’ with some fly kicks and skateboard gear in the music video.

The Malaysian group consists of eight members who take turns basting off fiery flows over a slow Trap beat with an accompanying visual that sees them morphing into animated versions of themselves. ‘SHEESSH FLOW’ marks their fifth release of the year, and first since signing to a major.

One of their biggest tracks, ‘LOTUS’ was released in February and has accumulated over three million streams on Spotify. The track got remixes from some Malaysian heavy hitters, such as SonaOne, Dinho, Rudeen, Jaystation, and others. A Singaporean remix was also released featuring Fariz Jabba, OmarKENOBI, Akeem Jahat, AE$OP CA$H, MIIKPTHE13TH, YHB Sleepsalot, and Frank Loco. Even singer Khally and comedian Fakkah Fuzz added their own twists to the track.

The hype around FORCEPARKBOIS is for real, and their talent has been proven over this past year. It’s exciting to see what comes of them signing into the big leagues.

Check out FORCEPARKBOIS’ latest track ‘SHEESSH FLOW’ below.