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Taiwan’s The Rappers season 2 has been announced

Do you have what it takes to be Taiwan’s biggest rapper?

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 26 Aug 2022

Now that COVID-19 is slowing down in a lot of places around Asia, TV competitions are heating up. The Rap of China is doing an all-star season right now. Show Me the Money is going strong in Korea and Thailand. In Taiwan, MTV’s The Rappers has just announced season 2 and they are looking for contestants.

The last we heard about MTV’s The Rappers was when YoungLee won the competition. It was a special story because not too long ago, Young Lee was selling donuts at a night market and then he was the hottest rapper in Taiwan. From August 29 to September 18, aspiring rappers can send in a 60-second demo to the show. If their demo is selected, there will be a physical audition on October 1 and 2. Soon after the physical auditions, the cast for season 2 will be filled.

For aspiring rappers, getting on one of these TV shows is golden and a way to learn more about the music industry. In each season, two or three rappers besides the winners get record contracts and go on to have big careers. VaVa on Rap of China made the top four and she is now the biggest female rapper in all of China. In Taiwan on MTV’s The Rappers season one, SiNNERMOON didn’t win, but he is now signed to Warner Music and putting out amazing tracks on Asiatic Records.

If you are a Hip Hop artist in Taiwan, there’s no reason not to try and get on the show for the experience as well as the chance to meet other rappers and even make a big name for yourself in the Hip Hop industry.

For more information about signing up for season two of MTV’s The Rappers, go here.