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ShiGGa Shay’s smooth streak continues on ‘iykyk [uKnow remix]’ featuring Cykko

If you know, you know

LiFTED | Words by Marcus Aurelius/Pics by Director Fish | 24 Oct 2022

Metaverse master and all-around great guy, ShiGGa Shay just released the deluxe version of his latest EP, I AM U. On it, the final track is ‘iykyk [uKnow remix]’ and features a verse by DRINK labelmate Cykko.

‘uKnow’ was the final song I worked on while finishing the I AM U EP,” ShiGGa said. “I wanted to release this remix with someone with a Mandarin verse. Working on this song with superjdoug and ZOL was a real vibe. I’ve never done a song like this before.”

ShiGGa Shay by Director Fish

Over a typically smooth beat, ShiGGa rides it while repeating the final words of his raps a few times. The effect is subtle, but it works well and goes to show that ShiGGa is a damn smooth rapper. Cykko is usually on the Emo side of things, but on this track, he gets down with the smoothness, too.

While ‘iykyk [uKnow remix]’ is not that much different from the original ‘uKnow,’ it does have a new flavor with Cykko on it.

Check out ShiGGa Shay’s ‘iykyk [uKnow remix]’ with Cykko below.