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Almost Famous goes Drill with Young Paris for ‘Cash Machine’

Is there a better sound than the machine that counts money?

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Jul 2022

When thinking about sounds that are universally loved, a few come to mind quickly like the sound of waves breaking on rocks, birds chirping in the morning, or babies laughing. For Hip Hop, there is another sound that everyone loves - the sound of money passing through a money machine. The money flips through quickly and instead of spending a few minutes maybe trying to get the numbers right, it’s just done.

Almost Famous is an electronic DJ duo who has been putting in work over the past decade. Mumbai-bred Rishab and Simar recently inked a deal with Create Music, which distributes Migos and The Chainsmokers. Rishab said in the Deccan Herald, “The sound that a cash machine makes as it counts money is music to our ears, so we said why not use it to make music for everyone’s ears.”

Their first release on Create is ‘Cash Machine,’ with Roc Nation’s Young Paris. The Drill anthem mixes a bit of Mumbai with Brooklyn and totally slams. The beat has a hectic feel to it, and King Paris on top just sounds right. This song at a show is so energetic that the crowd might have to stop going crazy so people don’t get hurt.

Check out ‘Cash Machine’ by Almost Famous with Young Paris below.