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YOUNGOHM swings that UKG sound in time for summer with ‘THATTHONG EKKAMAI‘

The Thai MC is joined by SONOFO & DOPER on the track

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 7 Jun 2024

Let’s start this off by saying if it becomes popular for men to wear UGGs with jorts in Thailand this summer, it’s YOUNGOHM’s fault.

The Thai MC, who has never shied away from thinking outside the box, swings into summer with the UKG-inspired ‘THATTHONG EKKAMAI.‘ The breezy, floaty track and visuals that came with it, are all the reasons why YOUNGOHM has his own lane and is basically incomparable in what he does.

The song is smooth and unhurried. It would sound good in the morning cooking breakfast, in the afternoon watching the sun go down, or later at a club with all the right people grooving and shaking. In the lyrics, YOUNGOHM shows how he represents where he’s from, and even when the teachers told him he wouldn’t amount to anything, it was simple to prove them wrong. SONOFO and DOPER come in on the final two verses and do their things.

While the song is perfect, the video is even perfect-er. Starting out with two guys making out, there are skaters, strippers, bodybuilders, teachers, football players, double Dutch jumpers, BMXers, breakers, guys in jock straps kissing, lesbians, and throuples. And that’s just in the first minute. ‘THATTHONG EKKAMAI‘ is a menagerie of madness that needs to be watched to be fully digested.

YOUNGOHM is not only a dope rapper with a creative team surrounding him, but he’s a fashion icon in this video. He’s got a Nelly BAND AID in one scene and a jean bucket hat, extra long jorts, and UGGs in another. Now you know what to wear this summer if you want to be as cool as YOUNGOHM.

Check out YOUNGOHM featuringSONOFO and DOPER in THATTHONG EKKAMAI‘ below.