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Ted Park & Parlay Pass spray that new fire ‘Bukkake [Ayo Pause]’ all over the place

The duo rock hard over a hot Jefe beat

LiFTED | Sean D | 23 Dec 2022

Ted Park, who graced LiFTED’s cover in March of this year, recently finished up his North American mini-tour with partner in crime Parlay Pass. The Korean-American dynamic duo found time to record and drop this new heater ‘Bukkake [Ayo Pause]’ and even shoot a video for it from their Atlanta show.

Since Parlay Pass is from the ATL you can see a lot of love in the house for both MCs. The track is a straight-up braggadocio Hip Hop joint, with both MCs trading lines that swerve between nasty and hilarious, and well, given the title you can see why. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody [or check some Japanese porn].

The beat is some crazy fire from fast-rising LA producer Jefe, with an assist from NYC producer Red Walrus, who’s best known for making big waves with Harry Fraud. So the beat has serious bones and so do the freestyle-feeling rhymes. With each new song, Ted Park seems to be growing into his well-deserved rep as a subterranean Rap star. He’ll be overground soon enough though, and so will Parlay Pass.

Check out Ted Park and Parlay Pass’ ‘Bukkake [Ayo Pause]’ below.