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Get transported into a video game world with BOBBY & JUSTHIS on ‘hercules!’

The South Korean duo gets the blood pumping with this heater

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 18 Oct 2023

In this day and age, everyone is able to seek out different sounds from different scenes around the world. One example of that is South Korea’s Bobby and his track ‘hercules!’, which features fellow MC and compatriot in JUSTHIS, taken from his latest four-track EP titled ROBERT. The three-minute heater is an aggressive take from the duo, as they spit their rhymes double-time with absolute vim and vigor. Its production doesn’t follow any of the Hip Hop formulas we’re familiar with as it goes completely off the rails, with rolling basslines, thumping drum kicks, and metallic synths jangling through it. Drum & Bass is in the building for sure. Pull up!

A music video for it was released via YouTube on October 14, and it follows two video-game character models going berserk. It pays homage to the classic games 80s and 90s kids would’ve grown up with, like Metal Slug. Coupled with its visuals, ‘hercules!’ has all the right ingredients to rile you up when you need that energy boost.

Check out the music video for BOBBY and JUSTHIS’s ‘hercules!’ below.