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Keem Hyo-eun & Don Malik invite fans to witness their ‘city light’

It’s the latest single from the duo’s collaborative EP 49

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 22 Dec 2023

After a three-year hiatus, Keem Hyo-eun made his much anticipated comeback on 49 earlier this year – a collaborative EP with fellow Korean emcee Don Malik. Debuting back in 2016 under Ambition Musik, Hyo-eun made a name for himself with introspective narrative-led lyricism that gave his fans a glimpse into the life of the talented wordsmith. Don Malik, on the other hand, has been prolific with his releases since signing to Ambition Musik, most recently with a solo EP this year titled MADE IN SEOUL.

Their latest single ‘city light’ is a testament to the strengths of both rappers. It’s a Boom Bap track with an R&B feel that underscores the need to rely on each other amid the suffocating nature of city life. Keem Hyo-eun and Don Malik pour their heart out on the track. Each of them struggling to understand if they’ve seen everything life has had to offer, only to find solace in music and the artists that they share their pain with. ‘city light’ is a heartfelt track that stands out on the EP highlighting not only their shared chemistry but also the profound understanding they have for each other’s artistic journeys.

‘city light’ also comes with a music video that sees both MCs rapping in a color-inverted city shrouding themselves in darkness as we only see their disdainfully pale faces. It’s an ironic choice of visuals given the message of the track, but perhaps what Keem Hyo-eun and Don Malik are trying to convey is that all we really need is their music under these oppressive city lights.

Check out the video for Keem Hyo-eun and Don Malik’s ‘city light’ below.