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Rich Brian invites you into his tub in ‘LAGOON’

‘LAGOON’ goes retro and meta at the same time

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 29 Jun 2022


Since taking over the main stage at Coachella two weekends in a row as the anchor for 88rising’s Head in the Clouds segment, Rich Brian has been a bit quieter than usual. That all stopped thanks to his release of ‘LAGOON,’ a track that he and Diamond Pistols produced off his Brightside EP.

The visuals are very Rich Brian. He starts off topless in a lime green tub enjoying a bubble bath soak. Soon, he’s got a sheer-white shirt on and rhyming with a lot of moss around him like it's an exfoliant. The video then dips into a few shots of his performance at Coachella that he’ll end up telling his grandkids about.

Brian then interviews himself and after a beat change-up, ends up on a rug on the floor. Eventually, he’s rapping to himself after watching some commercials on an antiquated TV. ‘LAGOON’ goes retro and meta at the same time, and hits its mark.

With each release, Brian is also showing his growth as an MC. ‘Run It’ proves that he has the skills to hang with the big boys like Rick Ross, and ‘Getcho Mans’ with Warren Hue is a great example of rhyming with a partner in 2022. In ‘LAGOON,’ Brian compares Joe Rogan’s bald head to what kind of women he likes, throws a bar at Bella Hadid because why not, and spits some hot fire like this, “How the fuck you hate and resent me for doing and trying my best/I don't remember your birthday but I know my billing address.”

Watching the evolution of Rich Brian from an Indonesian bedroom MC to a fierce rapper and huge force in the music industry is extremely gratifying on many levels.

Check out Rich Brian’s ‘LAGOON’ below.