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Raja Kumari channels her inner Rihanna on ‘Juice’ remix from KSHMR

The beat goes hard for the club

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 7 May 2024

One of the biggest takeaways from this year’s Super Bowl halftime show featuring Rihanna was when she performed ‘Rude Boy,’ it was the Klean remix that upped the tempo and featured her dancing with her hands behind her back that became a meme. The Klean remix chopped and cut up her vocals so it sounded familiar, but had a nice clubby feel. This guaranteed that DJs in the know would figure out which remix it was, and play it continuously for the next few weeks, making a new hit out of a song released in 2009.

Eight months ago, Raja Kumari released ‘Juice’ to much fanfare, solidifying her role as one of the leading voices in Rap music in India. Just two days ago, she released the KSHMR remix of ‘Juice,’ and it breathes new life into the hit. KSHMR started making Hip Hop tracks from his days with The Cataracts when he made ‘Like a G6’ with Far East Movement and Dev’s ‘Bass Down Low,’ both of which still work in most open-format clubs around the globe. KSHMR went on to blow up as a Progressive House/Trance producer who used a lot of Indian instruments in his production. He’s recently dipped his toes back into the Hip Hop fold by making hits for MC STΔN and DIVINE.

With the ‘Juice’ remix, KSHMR takes Raja’s empowering song and tosses it into the club with hot vocal chops and some Twerk-friendly drum lines. This is a hot song made for people trying to stay in India over the sweltering summer months.

Check out Raja Kumari’s ‘Juice’ remix by KSHMR below.