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Raja Kumari wants you to know that she’s in charge

The Desi Queen is back with a 5-track EP HBIC

LiFTED | Quilla Chau | 17 May 2022


Celebrating seven years in the game since establishing her Godmother Records label, Grammy-nominated Indian-American rapper and songwriter Raja Kumari just dropped a new EP, HBIC. Coming five months since her last single, Raja K is putting the Asian Rap game on notice that she is the ‘Head B*tch in Charge’ with five fierce and hook-driven tracks.

Says Raja, "Every artist must take the liberty of reintroducing themselves with their art. That's what HBIC is for me. The release of this EP feels like a new beginning. I'm happy to present art that is themed on things that have inspired me. Sincerity in the art can only come from being fearless and that's the goal - losing inhibitions with every song and becoming one with the art.”

The first track is a dreamy R&B number about how Raja came to ‘Manifest’ her dreams and goals into reality, achieve success in music, live the American dream, and bring Hip Hop back to her people in India. She’s proud to be the Desi Queen. Sampled flutes and strings give the song a spiritual vibe, and the purple one-take song visualizer portrays Raja authentically as an Indian Rap goddess.

Featuring Madhuri Dixit Nene, the iconic Indian actress and producer, ‘Made In India’ is a super-catchy Bollywood R&B dance number, where the gorgeous ladies proudly tell you ‘All around the world, no matter where I’m from, they gon’ know I’m made in India.’

Raja looks hella fly getting her swag on with a tight, melodic flow on the bouncy Trap groove of ‘HBIC,’ as she claims her title, “Who be making the noise/Running ‘em boys/Give ‘em no choice.”

The track ‘Blowing Up’ starts with a hypnotizing beat, and the trippy visuals of the video make for a very mysterious intro, but then she flips it with a heavy Drum&Bass attack, teaming up with KR$NA, who delivers a tight lyrical flow. They connect somewhere in the digital ether and totally bang it out.

“Took a lil longer/But it made me stronger/Did it with honor/Said I was a goner/Now the crown that she wanted is sitting on her” Raja raps on the EP closer, ‘The Don’ featuring Mumbai rapper-producer Shah Rule. Namechecking ‘The Don’ is two dimensional in that, with her Dancehall roots she’s surely claiming the ‘Boss’ title while also describing a classic Hindi film character who always stands for justice and the poor against all odds, which sums up where Raja stands against her haters to toxic people around her. “I bet you thought you’d do better than me/I bet you thought I’d be dead on the streets.”

Once again Raja Kumari has delivered a solid record, and with her striking looks and undeniable skills, plus five catchy and smooth tracks with equally stunning music videos, she’s proven she’s the complete package. She’s definitely the head goddess of Desi Hip Hop, no doubt.

Check out Raja Kumari’s HBIC EP playlist below.