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Design collective No Access launches new Hong Kong Glitch series

Design & merch inspired by the city’s neon cyberpunk surroundings

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 15 Feb 2022

Based on the counter-intuitive idea of a timeless future, the Hong Kong fashion and art collective, No Access has recently released a new series of art and merch called The Hong Kong Glitch.

Founded in their hometown, co-founders Jason Frank and Pascal Snelling and their collective have taken cultural nuances and insights and presented them in the form of casual sportswear and design objects. Rejecting typical labels, the group thinks of itself philosophically rather than simply as a fashion brand. They reject certain terms to describe their work. “We don’t really like the word ‘collection’ as we feel like it confines us to a rule or timeframe.” Says Jason Frank.

“We were kids growing up in the international community in Hong Kong where most people were into rugby and football, but we were more into art and therefore we felt like we were more tight-knit in our own spot,” Jason continues. “We started off by doing one-off pieces in a screen print studio and giving them out to rappers for their music videos and performances in Toronto along with other pop-up events hosted by us or other creative groups in the city. We decided to officially launch the brand mid-2021 when we all came back to Hong Kong from university.”

Their recent line is called The Hong Kong Glitch. The brand was inspired by the dystopian and cyberpunk appeal of the city, and the idea that everything is built in organized chaos.

The duo also said, “No Access was never meant to be a cash-positive business, but a creative collective where we could draw inspiration and creativity from those around us.” In appreciation of their commitment to art and design, their recent merch line focused more on the symbolism of the designs they chose, as opposed to settling on the most sellable ideas.

Among the various local touchstones, No Access’ The Hong Kong Glitch depicts the infamous Kowloon Walled City on the back of a hoodie with their NA abbreviation mastered in a 3D effect. A second hoodie is adorned with the protective status of the Chinese Guardian Lion, and a local Hong Kong taxi is rendered in 3D and wrapped in a first-of-its-kind Oriental floral design printed on the back of a long-sleeve tee, with a taxi meter on the front. Another clever design is the Chinese medicine bottle, also on a tee.

No Access’ The Hong Kong Glitch is available now on their official website, and readers can follow their Instagram here.