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SUGXR BVBBLE is shattering Hip Hop’s masculine domination with ‘บ้ง’

Boy group 4MIX join in the fun with some ferocious dance steps

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 8 Nov 2021

While Lil Nas X is breathing fresh air into Hip Hop in the West, diverse talents are emerging to shatter the conventional Hip Hop machismo in Asia. Thailand’s SUGXR BVBBLE, a TikToker-turned-rapper, is proudly flaunting his sexual ambiguousness in his debut single ‘บ้ง’ [BONG].

In case you have any doubts about how Hip Hop and queerness mix, SUGXR BVBBLE is here to show you a thing or two. As the first openly gay rapper in Thailand, SUGXR BVBBLE unapologetically exhibits his femininity in his Dance-Rap single ‘บ้ง,’ which is loud, proud, and very vivid. In his verses, SUGXR BVBBLE directs his sass to his doubters while channeling the bravado of Hip Hop.

SUGXR BVBBLE takes us straight into the front seat of his show in the music video for ‘บ้ง.’ Following the theme of genderlessness, the video is packed with dashing visuals with an emphasis on neon pink and purple. For the first two verses, SUGXR BVBBLE dances and raps on his own. Boy group 4MIX shows up later in the video alongside the MC as they break it down by throwing in some elements of Voguing and Ballroom into the mix.

Overwhelming masculinity has been long endured in Hip Hop’s orbit, but the art itself is evolving. With artists like Lil Nas X and SUGXR BVBBLE joining the game, Hip Hop seems to have a promising future.

Check out SUGXR BVBBLE featuring 4MIX’s ‘บ้ง’ below.