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Nissan Foods teams up with Converse to get Cup Noodles on your sneakers

The collab is boiling hot

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 4 Jan 2023

Nissan Foods is known for its array of delicious foods like ramen noodles that are quick and easy to make. Converse All Stars are known for their Old School sneakers that never go out of style but are quick and easy to slip on. Together, they’ve come up with a three-part sneaker collection inspired by Nissan’s Cup Noodles.

Following in the trends of lettuce, chicken, and spicy noodles on T-shirts, as well as skate decks plastered with Thai food porn, the Cup Noodle Converse comes in three flavors - white high top with red original and blue seafood, and black low top with white original with noodly shoe laces. The gold that goes around the Cup Noodle styrofoam container wraps around the bottom of the shoes, and there are even Nissan logos on the heel.

Cup Noodles on Converse All-Star Low Tops

These shoes will be released just in time for Lunar New Year and may be a better red envelope stuffer than cold, hard cash for the hipster niece or nephew in the family.

Order the Converse Cup Noodles drop here for about US$100.