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Lettuce introduce you to the Vege T

Fashion doesn’t have to be serious all the time

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 18 Jan 2022

In streetwear, Asian street food is so hot right now. First we had Indonesia’s The Goods Department printing chicken noodles and spicy soup on T-shirts. Then, Preduce Skateboards released their Thai Food Porn deck collection with their skaters’ favorite dishes on the bottom of their boards.

Now we have lettuce straight from the day market.

WISM by Masayuki and Tokyo-based doublet are out to prove that fashion doesn’t need to be serious with their Vege T, a long-sleeved T-shirt with a flattened piece of lettuce on the front. The tees come in three colors - green, white, and black - and have doublet strangest comfort printed underneath the lettuce. The T-shirt comes in a plastic bag that is supposed to look like a head of lettuce you would get at a typical Asian market.

doublet is known for its whimsical fashion vibes like a purse that looks like a skate deck or Cup Noodles T-shirts. WISM by Masayuki and doublet have collabed before when they made hoodies with 3D embroidery of Chihuahuas.

This Vege T is definitely one of the most interesting shirts we’ve seen but the price is a lot more than a head of lettuce at US$144. Sometimes it’s expensive to be the coolest person at the day market.

WISM by Masayuki and doublet’s Vege-T is available here.