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Nepalese Hip Hop got beef

Dong & Ease go after Nasty in a war of words & reaction videos

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 17 Jun 2021

In Nepal over the last few months, three of the biggest rappers have been going at it. Nepali rapper Dong has got an ill flow and is all about getting his name out there. The B-Boy turned rapper has been a recognizable figure in the Nepalese Hip Hop scene since his debut in 2017 with his crazy flow and clever wordplay.

In April, Dong premiered a video that had a line that rubbed another big-time Nepali rapper, Nasty, the wrong way. At the end of May, Dong kept firing shots at Nasty, making fun of his habit of going on Instagram Live so much. In early June, Nasty got on a track with Slim Boss with his own disses for Dong and that helped fuel the beef.

The next day, to promote his upcoming label Pratibimba, Dong released ‘Drillshot,’ a song that exudes his signature rebelliousness and don’t-give-a-F attitude. Rhyming through the loopy yet melodic beat produced by Dong’s frequent collaborator RollerX, ‘Drillshot’ goes hard in English and Nepali. ‘Drillshot’ got an overwhelming response from both rappers’ fans, with over 250k views and counting.

Next up, it was Nasty’s turn as he put out the track ‘Khop.’ Over a slow burning Trap tune, Nasty blasts Dong, and also throws some stray shots at Ease, a person who he’s had trouble with for a long time.

Ease couldn't take the disses sitting down, so the next day, he puts out ‘DISStress,’ going hard at Nasty.

Dong soon got back in the game with ‘Endshot,’ also produced by RollerX. On the same day ‘Endshot’ was out, Ease came hard with ‘Antim Sujhab’ and it looked like Nasty was a dead man walking.

But no. Nasty came back with ‘[Unwritten],’ an eight-minute freestyle over three different beats by B Beats, which some people are saying is the hardest out of all the tracks.

Is the beef over? Not even close. All three rappers are also using their fans to post reaction videos to the songs, which adds a whole new element to Hip Hop beef. Now, the people are directly involved with an ongoing battle and can influence other opinions. While this is new territory, it should be embraced because it’s the future and everything is online.