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Aboriginal chanting & Hip Hop mix in Nineoneone’s ‘Qali Ari’

A dedication to the friendliness of an aboriginal village

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 9 Nov 2021

For the second season of their reality show Extreme Island Adventure Wandering [極島冒險], Nineoneone’s three MCs traveled to a small village in Taitung, Taiwan to work various jobs for two weeks. In that time, they became close with revered Aboriginal elders in the community and decided to make a song, ‘Qali Ari,’ as a sign of respect for them. The title of the song, which means ‘Let’s go, friends’ in Taiwanese Hokkien, is a mix of Aboriginal chanting and Hip Hop.

In the southern part of Taiwan, Taitung is not easy to get to because there are no High Speed Railways to get there. Instead, people must take older buses or trains, which limits the number of tourists these places can get. Nineoneone’s three MCs - Ken G, Onion, and Spring Breeze - decided to film Extreme Island Adventure Wandering 2 down there and do normal jobs that villagers do like run a hotel and help in a bar and restaurant. One night they heard amazing singing and went to see who it was. Soon, Nineoneone formed a strong bond with the villagers and promised to be back.

After the show finished filming, Nineoneone decided to make a song about their trip. They then got 60 people from Taitung to be in their video for ‘Qali Ari.’ Even though they had only been down there two weeks, they were made to feel like family. This video is Nineoneone’s dedication to the kindness and friendliness of that Aboriginal village.

Check out Nineoneone’s ‘Qali Ari’ below.