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Mrs M shoots her shot in ‘Next New Mission’

The Mongolian superstar isn’t letting anyone or anything hold her back

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 Jul 2022

In life and love, if something goes wrong, you must move on. You must always shoot your shot because you only miss the shots you don’t shoot. In Mrs M’s latest R&B-inflected summer jam ‘Next New Mission,’ she does just that.

Over a polished Funky beat by Ebo, Mrs M flows in Mongolia with some English sprinkled in here and there. Her delivery is so comfortable that it’s easy to tell she’s running this Hip Hop game. The song is just her being confident and going for what she wants.

In the video, Mrs M is looking extra fly and even flashes a small bit of her eyes, which are usually covered by her trademark thick sunglasses. She’s on the countryside in Mongolia and when she is watering a plant, a guy driving by catches her eye. She dresses up in a pink dress and some hanging earrings hoping to get his attention as she saunters over to where he’s staying and gives a small wave to him on a balcony. Later, Mrs M is peeping into his window and catches him just finishing a shirtless work-out session. Soon, she decides to grab a bottle of champagne and shoot her shot.

When the Mongolian hunk answers the door, she hands the bottle to him. Unfortunately, his girlfriend pops out to the door to see what is going on and Mrs M’s plan of a romantic tryst is thwarted. Unbothered, Mrs M walks away and starts petting a small dog. Soon, the owner of the dog shows up and he’s even more handsome than the other guy, so he is her ‘Next New Mission.’

Mrs M is a talented artist who knows how to feed her fanbase in Mongolia and in English. She’s steadily dropping memorable tracks and keeping herself on everyone’s mind.

Check out Mrs M’s ‘Next New Mission’ below.